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best office chair for lower back pain australia

The most frequent concern of employees is finding the most comfortable office chair to relieve lower back discomfort. The sitting position for hours during the day, and the awkward positions we force our body in to complete certain work tasks at the desk can be very damaging to the back, specifically the lower part and the hips.

Many manufacturers of office chairs say that their chairs offer the support needed for lumbar spines as well as being comfortable. It’s a shame that a large number of chairs fail when it comes to these aspects. In addition, it can be difficult to know whether a chair that is marketed as the best office chair to treat lower back discomfort in Australia” is actually what it claims to be.

But, it’s possible to find top chair for office to ease back discomfort. All you have be able to accomplish is do a little bit of research, look on the internet for reviews from unbiased sources or simply go through the information in the following article. After you’ve finished reading this, hopefully it will help you find the perfect workplace chair for back pain.


If you’re spending the majority part of the day in a seated position for long periods of time regardless of whether you’re working at your home or at the office, selecting an ergonomic chair that conforms to the natural curvature of your spine essential.

To ensure maximum relaxation and support look for a chair that has these features:


  • Height adjustable for the seat: For most people the ideal height for a seat ranges between 40 and cm above the floor. Because the best seat level for you is also dependent on your height, you’ll require an office chair that has an adjustable height seat. With a perfect seat height it is possible to have your feet down on the ground with your thighs extending horizontally towards your hips (or slightly lower).
  • The ideal Seat width as well as depth In order for an PC seat for you to feel comfortable it must be large and deep enough to be able to hold the weight of your body. The typical width is 43 to 51 centimeters however what is ideal for you is based on your height and weight. In terms of depth, the width (measurement between the rear and front of your seat) is the minimum amount to allow you to comfortably sit in the rearrest. While seated, there should be five to 10 centimetres space between your back knees as well as the top edge of your seat.
  • Affordable support for the lumbar region: Lower back support in a chair for office work is crucial. Since the lumbar spine curving inwards, sitting for long periods without adequate support for this curve could result in sliding (which results in reduces naturally curvature). This can strain the structures of the lower back. So, choose the most suitable chair for lower back discomfort. This will have lumbar adjustment (height and deep) so that you can get the best fit that supports the natural curve of your lower back.
  • The ideal backrest the backrest on a good back support chair to use for office work is typically 30 to 48cm wide. If your chair is equipped with an adjustable seat, its angles and height can be adjusted to meet your requirements. This feature allows you can alter the backrest’s height to accommodate your natural curvature of your spine. If your office chair is equipped with the backrest and the seat as one unit The backrest will likely be able of being adjusted both in back and forward angles. Once you’ve reached the optimal angle, you could use this locking device to keep the backrest in place and prevent it from slipping too far backwards.
  • Seat material with padding: Since you sit in your office chair for most of the day, select one with sufficient padding. Fabric-covered seats are superior to seats with a solid surface.
  • adjustable armrests When you work at your computer for a long time the office chair that has adjustable armrests are of major importance. Your arms must be comfortable and supported comfortably by armrests to either side. Your lower and elbows should rest comfortably on the armrests. Your forearms should not rest sitting on the armrests while you type.
  • Swivel base If you own an ordinary office chair to support your back or an ergonomic model, it must smoothly rotate so you are able to easily access different parts of your workspace without a lot of effort. This feature can reduce the fatigue of your arms.

If you’ve located the most comfortable chair to relieve back pain, be sure that you adjust the backrest, height and armrests to reduce the strain from a long, sedentary life to your spine.


Our best-selling Gryphon MK1 Air Lumbar is an armless computer chair featuring four adjustment options for the chair including seat height and angle, seat height and back angle and a simple-to-use Duomatic mechanism. With a moulded black exterior back, an inflatable air lumbar lower back support, and the base of a black 5-star rating that is the Gryphon MK1 provides the best quality and durability. It also comes with adjustable arms.


Sapphire MK 1 Air Lumbar Sapphire MK1 Air Lumbar can be ideal for both office and home working environments. With four adjustments for the chair you are able to work comfortably with this seat for longer durations, since you can alter the height of the seat as well as the seat angle, backrest angle and height. The chair also has an air lumbar support system and adjustable armrests.


Synchro Mesh Executive Synchro Mesh Executive is ideal for both working at home or in the office. It’s made for continuous, long-term usage. With the comfort of a mesh backrest the Synchro Mesh helps keep you cool throughout the summer heat. The unique comfort features of the mesh include five adjustments to the chair for the height of the seat as well as the seat angle as well as back height, back angle, and the Synchro mechanism to control the moving seat and back ratchet.

The Synchro Mesh is extremely strong and adaptable, having been tested to be able to handle people who weigh more than 136 pounds. It has an adjustable headrest as well as adjustable arms.


The perfect boardroom chair The KAB Controller is constructed with lavishly upholstered leather and comes with a five-star black aluminum base. Thanks to the KAB Controller, you are able to review strategies or discuss plans without trepidation and with ease while enjoying its body-contoured cushion as well as tilt and height-adjustable headrests with a 16-degree angle adjustment for the backrest as well as tie-up arms. The built-in air lumbar system is able to inflate or deflate according to your personal comfort needs.


This Zenith MK1 office chair was designed to offer optimal support for your lower back, and to reduce leg and hip strain. It comes with a Duomatic mechanism that features the ratchet back as well as four different chair adjustments including the seat height with a seat angle, seat angles and height. The relatively compact size of the seat measuring 450mm x460mm is perfect for offices with smaller spaces, and for work-from home use.

Additionally, you can add convenience features such as adjustable armrests, as well as air lumbar support in the lower back.


Austen MK1 Air Lumbar Austen MK1 Air Lumbar is highly recommended for office and home use. With its inflatable air lumbar low back-support system customers can say goodbye to back discomfort. Alongside four seat adjustments (seat height and angle, as well as back height , and back angle) It also comes with an outer back that is moulded in black which is strong and comfortable.

If you’d like to increase the seat’s depth, you can ask for a seat that slides. Another feature that you can add to your comfort looking into is the possibility of adjusting armrests.


One of our most sought-after executive task chairs Humanscale Freedom is true to its name by allowing customers to move around freely, and having the ability to alter seating elements to meet their requirements. Humanscale Freedom features a recline mechanism, along with seats height and tilt adjustment.

The black fabric with a padded upholstery enhances the comfort of Humanscale Freedom. It comes with adjustable arms and a seat slider, 5-star black base, and polyurethane castors perfect for floors made of hard wood. It also comes with a nimble 15-year guarantee.


The classy and elegant Sterling High Back is a stylishly designed executive chair with back support. It’s perfect for your office, boardroom and even your working space. It comes with armchairs made of leather and is constructed from upholstered black leather.

Sterling High Back Sterling High Back has a locking swivel as well as tilt mechanism. It is easy to adjust the tilt and secure the angle of the seat. Also, it has a height adjustment feature and makes it among the top office chairs with bad backs.


The durable Sapphire High Back Executive office chair comes with the capacity of a gas lift that measures 100 millimeters to support users with weights up to 150 kg.

Sapphire High Back Sapphire High Back has the comfort features which make it suitable for extended usage: Adjustable arms and chair adjustments for seat height and angle of the seat, as well as back angle and back height. Its durable Tiltamatic mechanism provides optimal support for your lower back, at whatever angle.


Its Alpine Mesh Chair is task chair with modern style and a sturdy mesh backrest that will help you stay cool throughout the summer. It comes with three adjustment options, specifically for the seat height, tilt, and locking of the seat angle. The chair also comes with an adjustable synchro tilt mechanism that can allow you to adjust your torso’s torso’s angle for better alignment of your spine and good circulation.


The development of ergonomic office chairs to help back pain sufferers is quite recent when compared to the traditional workplace chair, you will notice some clear distinctions between them.

Office chairs specifically that are designed to relieve back pain include features that can be adjusted, like the height of the seat as well as armrests, backrests and the width and depth of the seat. Other features that provide comfort on ergonomically-designed chairs include airlumbar support as well as back bar extensions. cushioning or foam for the seat.

While conventional office chairs come with some back support but having a seat that is fixed does not aid in optimizing the benefits of this feature. Most task chairs don’t have armrests. This is the most important thing that’s missing in particular if you’re required to use computers for the majority of portion of the day.


Alongside selecting the ideal office chair to support your back There are a few methods you can take to reduce back pain from a life of constant sedentary.

  • Keep a healthy position : While sitting in your office, you must be looking toward the future. You’ll know you’re in an optimal position for sitting in the middle of your computer’s screen. Be careful not to slump across your desk. Lean your shoulders back and ensure your body is supported on the chair backrest.
  • Therapy for physical injuries: Aside from giving expert advice on the right method to sit, stand and move to ensure your spine stays aligned, physical therapists are able to instruct you on specific exercises that will strengthen the muscles of the core. With a strong core you’ll have a strong back and will avoid back pain.
  • Drink anti-inflammatory beverages: Anti-inflammatory foods can aid in reducing inflammation reactions within your body, which can cause back pain when taken frequently. Some examples of these beverages include curcumin tea as well as tart cherry juice, as well as ginger green tea.
  • Get better sleep The list of advantages to a good night’s sleep. One of them is less stiff backs in the morning. If you’re sleeping on the side, place an extra pillow between your knees to help support your hips and back.
  • Visit a chiropractor: Checking your back by a chiropractor may assist with pain because they are able to conduct spinal manipulations to treat acute lower back pain.
  • Participate in Reformer Pilates: Just like other physical therapy exercises, reformer Pilates moves that help strengthen the core muscles can alleviate and avoid back pain.

Other strategies you can employ to alleviate back pain include massage, as well as cooling or heating patches.


While there are a variety of ways to alleviate back discomfort, prevention is better than curing. One method to avoid the pain that is lingering for a long time is by choosing the correct office chair, which provides the most effective back support.

Based on the information provided here you know which type of chair is the best to support your spine. Nowis the time to search for the perfect office chair.


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